My Chicago trip has come and gone. 5 days spent in the blink of an eye. I have never before been such a tourist! Alex and I visited the Sears tower (or the Willis Tower), the Navy Pier, The John Hancock Observatory deck,the Art Institute of Chicago, and spent all day Saturday at Pitchfork (which … Continue reading

Life Transitions

Life transitions. I can truly say, I’ve never had one until now. It’s always been the same house, same town, same everything, for the most part. But graduation came faster than the speed of lightning, internships have come to a close, and the uncertainty of life in this desperate economy is both frightening and exhilarating. … Continue reading

DCFC Concert Recap

Here are a few shots from the Death Cab For Cutie concert. I did my best to get some good shots from the pit, but apparently, I need more practice in the art of photographing live shows. The lighting was ever-changing to be expected, and my kit lens hardly does a spectacular job. One of … Continue reading


Meet my friend Natalie! She is an aspiring model whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a few projects. This is one of the unused shots from a local shopping article I worte on spring 2011 fashion trends back in March. The article was featured on In this shot Natalie is wearing clothes from Euro … Continue reading


Meet Hero! He is an aspiring rap artist making his way on the RVA scene. We spent a hot n’ sweaty summer day in the RVA haze during our test shoot. I ended up using my 50mm for most of the shots for some practice, but I definitely miss my 70-300mm rental lens. Regardless here … Continue reading


I had the pleasure of working with Kat on a portraiture assignment while I was enrolled in the Intermediate Photography class at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The concept for the shoot was based loosely around the idea of a traveling musician, which worked out nicely since Kat happens to be a singer. (We … Continue reading

Lina Beana

My good friend Lina so kindly obliged to be my guinea pig for a little practique with my new 50mm lens! It’s manual so I’m still learning how to control it properly. However, this is my favorite shot. It’s all laughs when Lina and Dena get together. I used a combination of iPhoto and Toycamer_analog … Continue reading