A little 90s Inspiration

It’s been a while since my 50 mm and I have had a chance to work together. I decided to venture out to Pump House park for a little practice in my comfy slouchy beanie and my favorite sleeveless denim button up (that I found at Buffalo Exchange in NYC for like $9!). I will … Continue reading

Batwing Bandit

This sheer blouse with batwing sleeves from H&M is amazingly playful and sophisticated at the same time. It may be a tie front button-up blouse, but I love wearing it open like this. Paired with my UO jeans and a graphic tank, it adds a nice upgrade to an average combo. Outfit Details: Light pink … Continue reading

To NYC and Back

I’ve been a bad, bad, blogger. When I started O.O.A.T, I promised myself that I would post regularly. However, as I’m sure other bloggers understand, it can’t be hard to blog regularly (especially if one wants to produce quality content). BUT I have an excuse for my recent silence in the blogosphere. Since my last … Continue reading

A Walk in the Park

I’ve been such a tomboy lately! It’s so easy to just wake-up, throw on a pair of skinnies, grab a plaid button-up, and call it a day. Well, it’s time to bust out the dresses! I decided to pair my Mary Roks wedges with one of my favorite Ecote dresses. The embellishments make accessorizing no … Continue reading

The Perfect Length Shorts

As the days get heavier with the weight of Richmond’s humidity, I find it harder and harder to resist busting out my shorts. While I usually have a hard time finding shorts that match my particular modesty level, these grey BDG trouser shorts from Urban Outfitters are the best pair I’ve ever had! I love … Continue reading

In Search of a Little Morning Light

On Friday I woke up at the crack of dawn to take a few photos in the early morning light. This is a major achievement for me being that I’m usually dead to the world at 6am! Since the weather happened to be nice, I decided to take my new white linen blazer out for … Continue reading

Blazers + Tees

On Monday I decided to snap a few quick outfit pics before hitting up the Richmond Metro Zoo with the family. I ended up changing out of this outfit because it was way too hot outside! But I had to do a test run with my new pink blazer from Thread Sence.

Overcast Days

Yesterday I took a few quick snapshots in my favorite sweat pants from Urban Outfitters. In fact, the majority of the outfit came from Urban Outfitters. Can you tell I shop there a lot? I love pairing these pants with a pair of classic pumps to dress them up a little. It’s a look that’s … Continue reading

Summer Neutrals

“Who loves sales?” “O.O.A.T loves sales!” “Is it true?” “Mmmhmm! I do, I do, I do!!!” I should officially commit myself to shopaholics anonymous. Upon entering the mall yesterday I had one thing on my mind. “Pay your credit card bill,” I thought to myself. I was a girl on a mission! That is until … Continue reading