One Outfit At A Time (O.O.A.T) is a personal style blog manned by Dena, a curvy girl with a love for unique interpretation of fashion. Dena is a 22-year-old baby adult coming into her own and searching for the ultimate form of expression by experimenting with various forms of media. As a freelance writer and stylist, she is an opinionated chick with a love for all things quirky, original, and alternative. Her hobbies include fashion, amateur photography, writing, alternative/progressive music, random day trips, strange concepts, peculiar ideas, conspiracy theories, and eclectic assortments. As a recent graduate this baby adult is spreading her wings, chasing her dreams, and taking life one outfit at a time (o.o.a.t).  Join her on her journey into style exploration, street style documentation, and occasional industry commentary.

Any collaboration ideas or guest post inquiries are welcome! Please feel free to direct any ideas, feedback, questions, or concerns via email: take.life.ooat@gmail.com.

3 Responses to “About”
  1. Designer YCB says:

    Great look, I like the woodsy feel and background as well. The blog is very nicely put together i will drop by again and check on you sometime. Feel free to read articles on my blog and let me know what you think. I also shared you on my twitter so hopefully more people will come by and check out the blog.


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