There’s a Thin Line Between Thin, and Too Thin

Since returning to Richmond from New York, I couldn’t help but think back on my favorite moments from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The designers, the models, the celebrity sightings, the backstage access…it was all very exciting. Then I came across this fashion spread by Aram Bedrossian inspired by Pretty Woman, and it made me stop and think about one moment in particular that I almost wish I had forgotten. Now, as a disclaimer I hate to beat a dead horse here, but the whole idea struck a nerve so what can I say? When inspiration hits, run with it.

At one point during the internship, I stood in on a conversation about weight. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Great. Here we go!” It’s pointless to attempt to recount the entire conversation, but let’s just say it went a little something like:

“Being here I feel like I need to lose weight…”

“I used to be size 0 now I’m a 4…”

“The average woman may be a size 14 but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy…”

“I just think people in this industry judge you.”

and so on and so forth…

For a moment I thought about my own weight and size. I began to feel ashamed of my own weight, comparing myself to unattainable standards. And then, I snapped back to reality. No doubt the model from this shoot is gorgeous, and no doubt there are plenty of stick thin models out there that are equally gorgeous. However, I couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of revulsion as I began to withdraw from the conversation.

I will NEVER be a size 0. Why? Because I would look insanely unhealthy. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight. In fact, I’d probably look like something that just walked out a crack den. I understand that the world of fashion is built upon image. But that image of beauty is changing. We all know America has a problem with weight. From the obesity epidemic to the wave of crash diets and dangerous procedures. It’s become absolutely ridiculous. And the human body shouldn’t grow beyond a certain weight. However what these girls didn’t seem to acknowledge is that we are all different.

The human race comes in variety of complexions, heights, bone structures, etc…And we are not all meant to be size 0. We CAN’T all be size 0s. And to think that someone can’t get a job in this industry because they’re a size 12, 8, or even 6 is absolutely sickening. I saw plenty of women at healthy weights that were walking around Lincoln Center, and they didn’t just look like guests to me. They were industry professionals.

This is no new topic. And the arguments have been made acorss the board. But I guess my point in writing this is not only to vent, but to say that to any girls out there that are hoping to break into the business of fashion, you don’t have to be a size 0 to make it (unless perhaps you want to be a model, which is a different story). You just need to be healthy. I’m very interested to know what others think about this? Especially industry professionals.

Now before I sound biased, I’d already began to implement the Weight Watchers diet before I left for NY. So far I’ve already lost about 12 lbs, and I think it’s one of the best diets out there. The reason I think it works is because it teaches you to keep track of what you eat so you can make better decisions about what you eat. All of this HCV, Nutri System, diet pill stuff is not practical in the long run. If you really want to change your body to be healthier, than you should change your diet to eat healthier.

*For anyone coming across this post, understand, this is not an attack against this editorial, the photog, or the model. Rather this is simply industry commentary from an aspiring industry professional. On a lighter note, the spread is well done for any Pretty Woman fans. Check it out on Fashion Gone Rogue here.

3 Responses to “There’s a Thin Line Between Thin, and Too Thin”
  1. Natassja says:

    Loved this! I’ve been thinking very similar thoughts after reading FW coverage from NY, London, Paris, etc. Kind of scary really! Glad to see someone else out there w a healthy perspective 🙂

  2. Darius says:

    Wow, you really nailed the fashion industry , and some wonder why is it like that. I think the models are beautiful but the pain they suffer is a lifetime one for most.

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