SS12 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is underway!!! No big news there for all my fellow bloggers in the know…But this year I am working front of the house among the other fashion slaves, and I couldn’t be more excited to be there! This will be my first year at NY Fashion week and I am so grateful to Fashion GPS for giving me the opportunity to learn their system and work with them. Since I’ll be on duty facilitating check-in, I’m not at liberty to take photos. But thanks to my trusty camera phone, I can steal a few crappy pixellated shots to preserve my memories! Thursday I stole a few shots at the Tadashi Shoji show and the Candela presentation. Tadashi Shoji featured flowing longer length silhouettes and shorter more frisky lengths with splashes of water-color type prints, while Candela showcased a blend of military olives and navy’s with more feminine satins and lace. After the shows I scoured the city with my new Fashion Week buddies searching for street fashion inspiration. Fashion Night Out in New York is like shopping heaven! Free drinks served by models + free treats + clothing discounts = best shopping experience EVER! More to come! ^__^

By the way, if you’re wondering what Fashion GPS is, there’s a great Q&A article with CEO Eddie Mullen on Independent Fashion Bloggers. You can check it out here.

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