Appreciating The Vernacular

We often don’t think about life’s quiet moments…even life’s boring moments. But sometimes those are the most beautiful moments of all. When a photographer can capture the essence of a moment and make it seem extraordinary that is when photography has achieved its ultimate purpose. Sure, photography is utilized for an array of various end goals, documentation, advertising, etc. But we should never forget that photography is also an art form. I think the mark of a great photographer is not what they can do through utilizing a big set of props, wardrobe, and Photoshop skills, but sometimes it’s about being able to capture something ordinary and truly make it transcend the mundane. This could also be referred to as capturing the vernacular, and Vojtech V. Slama is a master at capturing the vernacular.

* All images were taken from Slama’s website. If you’d like to see more, please visit it here.


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