Fashion By Feelings

As August comes to a close, all thoughts turn to autumn. The fashion mags are spitting out their fall fashion issues, the stores are selling fall essentials, and you’re doing your best to snag all the best deals on the end of the season sales. For some, thoughts of Fall cast a sultry mood of looks bathed in darker hues, while for others silhouettes in larger than life vibrant hues invade the brain cells. Well my dear, the time has come to ponder how you’re going to suit up against all those up coming chilly nights. Why not do it with wool?

Woolmark, which was recently awarded “Top logo of all time” by Creative Review Magazine, has designed an online haven for wool lovers across the globe. In July 2011, Woolmark launched Fashion by Feelings, a global street style competition featuring a ‘Find by Feelings’ lookbook. Users are invited to post their favorite wool looks into one of twelve Feelings categories, including some of my personal favs: nostalgic, chic, dark, and unique.

Both users and the public alike can vote on their favorite looks. Voters are then entered into a weekly drawing to win an ‘Emu Australia’ wool prize pack, worth AUD $400, while the user with the most loved look will win an AUD $12,000 holiday wool experience.

Since the Facebook launch of “We Love Wool” page in early June the community has gained over 15,000 fans, providing consumers, retailers, and designers a space to connect and discuss all things wool. If you think about it, so much of what we use (and wear) today is synthetic. Sometimes it can be nice to have something that’s all natural. Woolmark invites you to show off just what wool puts you in the mood for. If you’re interested in uploading your wool looks to the lookbook, be sure to visit Woolmark’s website!



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