Customized By Nature

In the ongoing pursuit of inspiration and originality, the design team at Cheap Monday decided to allow nature in on the design process for a change. Thus forming the Swedish brand’s latest concept, Customized by Nature. The Customized Tour concept began in 2008 as an initiative to bring limited edition products to people all over the globe. As a part of this year’s Customized by Nature concept, roughly 30 pairs of jeans were left to fend for themselves in the face of mother nature’s embrace. After surviving the wrath of the great outdoors, the 30 limited pairs of Customized by Nature jeans made their way to the City of Lights at Citadium Caumartin in Paris. As the tour for Customized by Nature concept took place March 2011, this is obviously not brand spanking new news. But I still thought it a concept worth blogging about. While some consumers may find the concept a bit over the top, I actually find the whole project to be rather genius! It’s serves as yet another brilliant example of how to take a simple concept, and turn it into wearable art.

*All images found on the Cheap Monday website


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