Bad Girls

I am in love with these cigarette holding, racoon eyed, bad girls! From the styling, to the locations, to the models, everything in these photos is perfection! Lina Tesch’s photography has such an attitude. I love the emotion. Perhaps it’s just what I need to snap me out of my lack of creativity, comatose state…Well, perhaps that and a couple new camera lenses.

*All images are from Lina Tesch’s website. Check it out here.

4 Responses to “Bad Girls”
  1. I love the first shot! There is something about the model and the pose that is so striking. I love how her is styled too – just gorgeous!

    xx Elia

  2. I agree. These photos are awesome and so pretty. I love the tone of black and white photographs and these do not disappoint.

  3. Exactly! Who is it that said black & white photograhpy captures the soul? Whoever it is was so right! I love fashion photography, but sometimes it’s nice to pay attention to the emotion of the moment depicted through black and white. It really forces you to notice the composition, light, and all the defining parts of the image. ❤

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