Hooray for Earth

Location: NYC
Label: Dovecote Records
Sounds like: Yeasayer

Hooray for Earth merges 80s synth pop with 90s dance music to create a sound that’s energetic and fresh. Their sound fully embodies the feel of many of today’s newcomers in indie rock. The album’s single “True Loves” takes the band’s 80s/90s influence and blends in some “ska-rhythm” guitars and “dub-like” sounds for a funkier feel. And the video is simply EPIC! After playing “True Loves” on repeat for three days straight, I had to download the album. The full album could flow better from song to song, but when treated as singles there are some amazing tracks. My favorites including “No Love,” “Sails,” and “Same”. In three words, I’m-in-love. If Hooray for Earth stays on this path they just might end up being the next big thing!




Check out the video for “Sails” on NPR at:http://www.npr.org/v2/?i=138549836&m=138550276&t=video

One Response to “Hooray for Earth”
  1. Megan says:

    This is really cool stuff, they have an interesting mix of influences it seems! And not too dubby, which is good in my opinion, haha. I’ll be watching them! Thanks! 🙂

    –Megan//The Martian Tide

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