Overcast Days

Yesterday I took a few quick snapshots in my favorite sweat pants from Urban Outfitters. In fact, the majority of the outfit came from Urban Outfitters. Can you tell I shop there a lot? I love pairing these pants with a pair of classic pumps to dress them up a little. It’s a look that’s super easy and super casual. My go-to look after a late night or when I just don’t know what to wear. For this outfit post I had a little help from my nephew Jabari. I took all the photos with my remote, but by the way he was directing from behind the camera I might have a little photographer in the making on my hands.

Outfit Details
Scoopneck pocket tee from Urban Outfitters
Black vest from Express
Gray Sweat pants from Urban Outfitters
Black suede pumps from Urban Outfitters
Deena and Ozzy zipper bag from Urban Outfitters
Bowler hat from Urban Outfitters

2 Responses to “Overcast Days”
  1. claudia says:

    nice! sweatpants that are fashionable….they look great


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