Many thoughts may to come to mind upon hearing the word Misfits, from the image of Clark Gable and Marylin Monroe on the big screen in the 1961 movie classic to the sounds of horror punk melodies blasting out your radio. Allow me to introduce you to a new cultural phenomenon sharing the same title. If you’re into shows filled with supernatural powers, ridiculously entertaining scenarios, and a little vulgar language then listen up! Misfits is one of Britain’s hottest comedy-drama TV series’. The plot revolves around five kids whom gain supernatural powers from a mysterious electrical storm during their first day of community service. Since the first season aired in 2009, Misfits has taken off, winning a BAFTA Television Award for Best Drama Series. This show will have you running around speaking English slang before you know it. Do yourself a favor and catch up on seasons one and two before the new season comes out. If for nothing else, the soundtrack is filled with bass driven, heart throbbing, get-your-party-on dubstep tracks!

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  1. […] Gilhun joining the gang. If you’re saying to yourself, “What is Misfits?” read my previous post. To put it shortly, Misfits is only the most amazing show EVER! Seriously, just take my word for […]

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